About Us

W3GG, pronounced “WE GG” and previously recognised as YGG SEA, is the official exclusive guild partner of Yield Guild Games dedicated to the Southeast Asia region, one of the fastest growing blockchain markets in the world. Presently, our operations extend across Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Committed to spearheading web3 adoption and transcending gaming beyond just play, we aim to offer our communities inclusive opportunities for learning, personal growth, employment, and entrepreneurship, making a meaningful impact not only in the gaming industry but also beyond. Join us in shaping the future of web3 in Southeast Asia!

Our Mission

W3GGs primary mission is to drive the adoption of web3 throughout Southeast Asia and ultimately to take gaming beyond just play. We're dedicated to empowering our members to unlock their full potential within a collaborative and supportive community. Here, you can develop skills, gain knowledge, and actively contribute to the web3 gaming economy, enhancing your life through cutting-edge technology.

In the pursuit of our mission, W3GG is developing a social-first gaming ecosystem designed to elevate and broaden the gaming experience. This innovative platform is dedicated to forging connections between diverse communities and emerging opportunities, serving as a dynamic hub for collaboration and growth. Central to our approach are three fundamental pillars that will shape the foundation of our ecosystem: Learning, Playing and Earning.

W3 Learn

Acknowledging the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies, W3GG underscores the significance of education and awareness as the foundational step in breaking down barriers to entry into the web3 and blockchain landscape. Dive into the wealth of knowledge available in the W3 Learn section of our platform, including content from our educational partners, covering essential topics such as security, safety, understanding the blockchain landscape, cryptocurrencies, and GameFi.


W3GG is deeply anchored in gaming, recognising its pivotal role in driving web3 adoption. With web3 gaming still in its early stages, we firmly believe it will emerge as the primary catalyst for widespread adoption. Journey into our W3 PLAY section to discover the latest web3 games, engage in gaming nights, participate in events, join lively game discussions, and much more!

W3 Earn

Discover W3GG's key approach to propelling web3 adoption in Southeast Asia by providing cutting-edge earning opportunities, such as scholarships, and enabling direct income generation without intermediaries, accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. Delve into the world of web3 earnings through our W3 Earn section, where a variety of income-generating avenues await the community. Stay tuned as we plan to broaden and enrich these opportunities in alignment with the evolving industry landscape

W3GG Whitepaper

W3GG's Whitepaper outlines key details around the vision and mission of W3GG as well as information on future roadmap, team, investors and tokenomics.


Journey towards decentralized innovation



  • Onboarding of game partners, guild and KOL partners to W3GG begins
  • Token contract development complete
  • Token security audit
  • Onboarding first SEA universities for on-chain certification
  • Development of on-chain certification with educational content providers
  • W3GG Soulbound NFT development complete
  • Launch of W3GG SBT
  • Tournament feature complete and tested



  • Secure first game publishing deal
  • Launch of W3GG token subject to market conditions
  • W3GG Proof of contribution protocol development complete
  • W3GG Proof of contribution protocol testing and audit
  • Onboarding of game partners, guild and KOL partners to W3GG continues
  • Proof of contribution marketing
  • Game jam season 2
  • Content creator feature development begins
  • Tournament feature launch



  • Mobile app development starts
  • Content creator feature development complete
  • Official launch of proof of contribution protocol for all W3GG Community members
  • Game jam season 3
  • Staking functionality development starts
  • Staking feature on platform launched
  • Content creator feature complete
  • Content creator feature testing



  • Mobile app development complete
  • Mobile app testing
  • W3GG mobile app launch
  • Content creator feature launch
  • Game jam season 4
  • Governance and voting platform development begins


  • W3GG Web3 governance platform development complete
  • Governance voting mechanisms integrated with W3GG platform
  • Decentralised operations - voting submissions, proposals etc
  • Contribution dispute resolution protocol
The roadmap will be subject to updates with new platform feature development plans being announced throughout the year.